Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Twitter Chat: Giants vs Cowboys

Giants vs Cowboys

As a lifelong Giants fan, I have often took to twitter with my analysis of the team during games and have given my input all over social media. Well, my opinions must caught on somewhere down the line see as Giants 360, a Giants new source, followed me last season. Now, during the season I notice the account does live talks during the games for fans. The admin. tweets play by play and users comment their ideas on it in the reply sections. 

This particular tweet was chosen because it symbolizes the type of game played Sunday. With a much less than impressive offense, the Giants' defense was able to completely hold the lethal rookie duo of the Cowboys. All the Giants needed was one big play from Odell Beckham Jr.: A 61 yard touchdown in the late third quarter. 

I feel very connected to the team when I speak digitally to the admin. Usually, I feel like an unimportant sports fan when no responds or reacts to my Giants related tweets, but I feel like a part of the media when I interact with this account. In fact, this one Twitter account is responsible for many people's sports journalism starting points. The admin once direct messaged me with an opportunity to write for his newsletter; along with many other of his followers. Although it is just a sports account, they help bring a community from all around there world together electronically. 

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