Friday, December 9, 2016

The Buttercup Generation

As someone who works in childcare and as a summer camp counselor, I am fearful for the generation after mine. Most children have become to reliant on their technology that they expect instant gratification in every aspect of their lives. The sad truth children: that's not how the world works. The world dos not revolve around you and everything you desire. There are times life wont be fair to you and sometimes it'll be downright cruel towards you; but that builds character. Children, learning from your failures and accepting you are not the only living thing in the world will make you a better adult and better parent to your own children. I know, your entitled personalities are a result of your parent's telling you that you're cute all the time and never telling you no. But as  your YMCA counselor who wants to have fun in an organized way, you talking back telling me that you dont' care what I say or blatantly ignoring what I need to say is not how a person behaves.

To the kid who told me he hates the YMCA: that' not my problem. It's not my problem you cannot see that when I let you hang around with your best friend you two bully other kids into tears and scar them for life. Once again, that's your parent's faults. When your mom came to pick you up last week and you ran up to the stage in the cafe and hit all the instruments that do not belong to you and she just stared at you: that is the problem. You're 11, shouldn't you know not to touch things that don't belong to you? Especially if you don't even play an instrument. Have fun when you hit high school, man. I tried my hardest to make sure you would be a positive member of the Southington youth, but your parents have more say than I do.

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