Thursday, December 15, 2016

Screencast Reviews

To better understand how to screencast, I took to youtube to find some “how to” tutorials. Screencasting is a popular form of video casting in the Youtube era, and some gamers have made careers on broadcasting their game screens. From what I remember, my first exposure to screencasting was in the 7h grade. My best friend wanted to pull a prank on one of our other friends, so he made a screencast video of what happens when you google, “Matt Gerrish,”. Of course, to make the search extra funny he added some cinematic and intense classical music in the background. To think, that was 8 years when screencasting was still relatively new, and now we have people making careers out of it. Anyway, here’s how I rank the  3 screencasting tutorials I watched on youtube.

Good: The worst tutorial video I watched was on how to use Screencast O-matic. However, of the 3 tutorials, screencast o-matic seemed like the most user friendly and simple to use. Aside from that, I almost fell asleep during the video. The explanations on how to use the system was incredibly dull, and probably wont market well to millennials (who I assume are the ones mostly using or learning how to screencast).
Better: The second best tutorial video I watched was rather interesting; but kind of missed the point. It discussed how to screencast from an Iphone; which is relevant and useful, but I personally didn’t see how the luxuries of it would be the same as screencasting on a computer. Furthermore, the setting of your screencast is not relevant so, screencasting on the go doesn’t really influence the quality of what you’re presenting. I will say, compared to the first video, this video did a much better job explaining the information. I was actually engaged with the speaker.
Best: The best screencasting tutorial video I found was the most simple one. It didn’t dive into any crazy programs that required specific microphones or anything; it just explained how to get started with screencasting. The presenter was charismatic and it was easy to notice he wanted others to get involved with it. In fact, there was not one part of his presentation that even used a screencast. He sat in front of camera and explained the importance of script, phrasing and vocal delivery in a screencast. No matter how good the software is, it can’t hide a bad performance; take it from a musician.

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