Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Looking Back to See Ahead Reading Review

Donna E. Alvermann's writing on identifying a reader was very well-written. In my opinion, schools label children based on their reading skills all too quickly.

For me personally, I was labeled a quick reader; my love for reading contributed to that. I went through a book a week in my grade school years, but I only read epic fantasy books. The second I was supposed to read a book with a group during class, I got lazy and fell behind. I often notice the same issue with children I take care of.

Reading is meant to be a joyous activity for children. It's a chance to escape reality and follow the journeys of make believe friends for a temporary time. No matter the child, if they feel engraved in the story they will feel compelled to read. As soon as a teacher forces his/her students to read something they may not be interested, the results will be drastically less productive. I understand there are stories that students are required to read, but in any situation a student can read whatever book they want for a grade, take advantage of it. The result will be astounding. Reading will re-takeover as a popular hobby and writing will once again flourish. None of this can happen with the labeling of children as readers.

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