Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lego Gender Remix


Lego Gender Remix

First of all, with all seriousness aside, this remix as hilarious. I know, it's bigotry having girl marketing as cooking, cleaning and other outdated women roles, but this video just makes me laugh. As a satirist, I cope with social injustices with humor. It  is completely unfair that all of the male marketing schemes for lego were intense, and filled with all the potential big adventures while the female marketing were once again, teaching young girls to abide to outdated gender roles. 
The fact that Lego even makes separate sets based on gender still is ridiculous. They're Legos, they are meant to be used an a creative and structural toy to teach children. There is no need to specify genders at all. If a girl wants to make a star fighter and battle the evil empire so be it; the same goes to a boy if he wants to learn how to bake cookies. Actually scratch the latter half of that, there should not be any Legos being sold that teach any gender to do that. Let children be children: let them build anything they would like to. 
Without creativity, all knowledge is lost.

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