Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How do we understand the internet if it constantly changes?- Module 3 Reading

The reading on new literacies frm the UConn PDF brought up an interesting concept I hadn't once thought of. How do we, as educators and users, understand the internet if it constantly changing? We live in a generation of constant innovation and fixation; specifically in the areas of technologies. The monopolies between powerful corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Verizon At and t and others battle one another to put out the best product or service.

In words from the text, "the internet is this generation's defining technology for literary and learning within our global community," educators must be able to follow the path of innovation and be inept with technology for the benefit of their students. The internet has given us the ability to connect us with anyone around the world at any given moment. For example, if an American fourth grade teacher wanted to teach his/her students about Japanese culture, he/she can video stream with a class from Japan and find someway to communicate with one another. As a result, these students will be culturally inept and tolerant; something previous generations weren't as a result of the lack of exposure to other cultures.

The internet has also enhanced reading comprehension and research. Like the global connection students now have, they also have a limitless ability to obtain information with various search engines. Personally, I believe educators should teach our students early the risks of wrong information put out on the internet. We need to teach them early how to access their respective libraries' databases as opposed to using google. Yes, we know that googling something is easier, but it may not always be the most accurate option; especially for any assignment that requires a plethora of research.

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