Friday, December 9, 2016

Dating in the Millenial Age

Relationships. They've never been easy and quite frankly they never will be. But with the rise in social media and technology, dating has been coming overwhelmingly complicated for millenials and someone's loyalty is put to the test everyday.

Most of our attention spans are devoted to the internet; an entirely different world than the physical world. With the click of a button, almost any person is available to us at any second. Instant gratification has caused male and female curiosity to rise and ask the age old relationship question: is there someone better? Well, if one's curiosity gets the best of them, they can find out quite easily. In fact, a strong portion of relationships are started via social media and ended the same way. A cyber wall blocks trust between us and can form an inaccurate truth about people. Often times a person will post countless pictures to show how happy she/he is with their significant other; when in reality they're miserable. But that can also be an issue of insecurity.

Jenna Merkle's article explains vividly the issues of dating today.

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