Friday, December 9, 2016

American Dad> Family Guy

Family Guy is comedian and writer Seth Mcfarlane's most famous show, but from a writing standpoint, his sequel show American Dad is much better. American Dad was crated in 2005 as a response to South Park for mocking that Family Guy couldn't handle situational comedy and relied too much on their cutaways and flashbacks for humor. American Dad presents a super conservative dad, who is easy for Mcfarlane to joke about seeing as he is super liberal, a housewife, a nerdy son, liberal daughter, a fish who can talk and an alien that presents a new character to fit into Earth life every episode. Roger, the alien, for one is a reason Dad outshines guy. He transforms personas every episode into something more ridiculous than the last, but still has his selfish egotistic manner rooted deep into all of characters.

American Dad has the ability to mix and mash any of its core characters and still have the ability to have a fun episode; something Family Guy fails to do. Family Guy relies too heavily on their Stewie and Brian adventures, Chris and Meg stories, Peter and Louis or Peter and his buddies all of which have become too bland after 17 years on the air. The dynamics between those sets of characters have run dry making their stories less enjoyable to follow through. In comparison, American Dad's main cast can all be intertwined and have a fun story still. Alpha Male Dad Stan works well with his hesitant son Steve, who just wants to be accepted by his father, but also chase girls and capture his manhood. Stan can be mixed with his daughter Haley, the hippie liberal whose beliefs mash heads against her alleged fascist father's. Stan and his wife Francine have a strong marriage that relies heavily on her desire to be loved and Stan's selfishness that often masks his strong love for her. Finally, Stan and Roger the alien have a strange yet intriguing relationship that often leads them into conflict You can mix any of these characters and can still expect a strong episode.

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