Monday, November 7, 2016

Construction vs Creation- A response to Bryne

Yes, in the world of technology and implementing it in the work force, construction is more favorable than creation. Construction, is making something off of a blue-print or a set of instruction so to peak, while creation is making something out of nothing.

As a musician, writer it's easy to speak out for creation but honestly hard to defend it. I would love to say that I sit home with my guitar or pencil and all my usable ideas are absolutely authentic. But the deep truth is that they are not.  In some shape or fashion, all original ideas are rare to come by and at some level there is inspiration behind everything. Not inspiration like, "wow I had a rough day at work I am inspired to write a song by it!" Inspiration in the sense that every artistic idea is sprung from one before it. The music industry as a whole speaks to this, it's a copycat business. Each guitar riff i come up with, has some inspiration from another artist. The same goes with my story telling as well. Albeit they're creative hobbies, but they still fall under the category of construction simply because they are not 100 percent original ideas.

Our moral of the story here: Bryne take this article one step further because construction is all around us. Creation is marvelously hard to come by.

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