Monday, October 3, 2016

Working In/At Public- Social Media done wrong

Like any innovation in the world, social media has its benefits to society, while it also has its cons as well. Its main idea is to bring people together, and it works almost flawlessly in a classroom. Students can interact online with one another, along with obtaining information at ease. However, a person's social media identity can be vastly different than a physical one. In some cases, an error on social media can result in a permanent change in the way people look at one another. In Robin Derosa's article, "Working In/At Public," he describes how a professor's tweet was one step too far and caused an internet frenzy. Now in my preconceived opinion, I believe social media is taken too seriously anyway and websites like twitter and facebook should not be used for important issues like public schooling and politics. I think there should be some sort of second tier of media online dedicated to those causes. For one, the rise of social media has also caused a rise in "social justice" warriors who are like the sensitive police. Any opinion they do not agree with, or any statement that is somehow demeaning towards others is taken radically and attacked for being bigoted. This professor was scolded for her remarks when she was simply stating an opinion. Twitter is a public space, not one of those over sensitive safe spaces that make me want to vomit.

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