Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Roast of America: The 2016 Presidential Election

Millions of Americans tuned in for the first presidential debate of 2016, and in the words of South Park, it is between, "a douche and a turd sandwich." Honestly, that is the most accurate description of the election this year. I cannot fathom that among all of the qualified, intelligent people in Washington, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are the options to become our next president. I am still convinced that Trump's entire campaign is a big practical joke and Ashton Kutcher is going to pop out and screamed, "American you just got Punked!" at any moment. In such a sensitive, progressive time how can our nation allow a bigoted, pretentious spoiled brat be in position to possibly lead our nation? He has no real plan, he just constantly states how much better things are going to be. Make America Great Again! (Read in super southerner hick accent please). But, realistically, when was America great in the first place? Our "glory" days could arguably be the 1950s, economy was booming, no physical war threats, outside the fear of war with Russia. But all of that prosperity is back washed with one thing: racism. Nice going Trump. Yeah! Make America  Racist Again! And for Hilary, you're no better. I am all for diversity in office, a woman president can transcend our country. But what am I not in favor of? War criminals leading our nation. I am convinced she is a sociopath. (Not a psychopath because she is clearly aware of the things she is doing.) Sensitive America has turned into radical America. There is no moderation among ideas. No consideration that both parties have beneficial ideas for our country and ideals that may not. I think I might escape to a small little European country after this election.

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