Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Supporting your "Scene"

Being a part of Connecticut's "pop-punk" scene for almost three years now, I have come across great people, great friends and even better musicians. A few bands set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd, drawing more people into the tiny venues we play at; but I still sadly don't see them getting much further than that. The support for young local bands was always a tough, but it is now as minimal as ever. Even the biggest bands in our genre like, "The Wonder Years," struggle to make enough money to mix and master their records the way they want them to. Yes, the emergence of Spotify and other various streaming networks help deteriorate a band's income from releasing a record or single, but it shouldn't be damaged to the point where the band struggles to record a new release. The sad fact of the matter is that a portion of this generation is not interested in finding bands, discovering local unheard music. They are more interested in electronic music; which I have no room to judge, we are allowed to support any art form we want to, but it's sad seeing a genre nearly die out. Even in my experience with my bands, we struggled to gain a crowd outside other bands and people closely involved in our scene. Being in a band is strung out and almost mocked among other people. So, please take time out and try to support bands in your town, school and community and help get talented musicians recognized the way they deserve to be.

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