Monday, September 26, 2016

Respecting your Teen-Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of, 'It's Complicated," opened with the ongoing battle between teens and their parents. From my experience, the "troubled" teens in my school were often the kids with helicopter parents hovering over their every move. More times than not, the least likely candidate to engage in risk behaviors were usually the ones engaging in them. With the rise of social media, teens now have more ways to access risk behaviors and chat "privately" with friends. I quote privately because parents now constantly watch over their social media profiles. Parents need to find a balance and respect for their teen, they are asked to live as adults but are treated as children. Take time and develop a sense of trust with them and establish what is right and what is wrong. Constantly monitoring and hovering over them will push them away and it's okay if they do something risky, that's how we learn.

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