Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lego Gender Remix

Lego Gender Remix

First of all, with all seriousness aside, this remix as hilarious. I know, it's bigotry having girl marketing as cooking, cleaning and other outdated women roles, but this video just makes me laugh. As a satirist, I cope with social injustices with humor. It  is completely unfair that all of the male marketing schemes for lego were intense, and filled with all the potential big adventures while the female marketing were once again, teaching young girls to abide to outdated gender roles. 
The fact that Lego even makes separate sets based on gender still is ridiculous. They're Legos, they are meant to be used an a creative and structural toy to teach children. There is no need to specify genders at all. If a girl wants to make a star fighter and battle the evil empire so be it; the same goes to a boy if he wants to learn how to bake cookies. Actually scratch the latter half of that, there should not be any Legos being sold that teach any gender to do that. Let children be children: let them build anything they would like to. 
Without creativity, all knowledge is lost.

Screencast Reviews

To better understand how to screencast, I took to youtube to find some “how to” tutorials. Screencasting is a popular form of video casting in the Youtube era, and some gamers have made careers on broadcasting their game screens. From what I remember, my first exposure to screencasting was in the 7h grade. My best friend wanted to pull a prank on one of our other friends, so he made a screencast video of what happens when you google, “Matt Gerrish,”. Of course, to make the search extra funny he added some cinematic and intense classical music in the background. To think, that was 8 years when screencasting was still relatively new, and now we have people making careers out of it. Anyway, here’s how I rank the  3 screencasting tutorials I watched on youtube.

Good: The worst tutorial video I watched was on how to use Screencast O-matic. However, of the 3 tutorials, screencast o-matic seemed like the most user friendly and simple to use. Aside from that, I almost fell asleep during the video. The explanations on how to use the system was incredibly dull, and probably wont market well to millennials (who I assume are the ones mostly using or learning how to screencast).
Better: The second best tutorial video I watched was rather interesting; but kind of missed the point. It discussed how to screencast from an Iphone; which is relevant and useful, but I personally didn’t see how the luxuries of it would be the same as screencasting on a computer. Furthermore, the setting of your screencast is not relevant so, screencasting on the go doesn’t really influence the quality of what you’re presenting. I will say, compared to the first video, this video did a much better job explaining the information. I was actually engaged with the speaker.
Best: The best screencasting tutorial video I found was the most simple one. It didn’t dive into any crazy programs that required specific microphones or anything; it just explained how to get started with screencasting. The presenter was charismatic and it was easy to notice he wanted others to get involved with it. In fact, there was not one part of his presentation that even used a screencast. He sat in front of camera and explained the importance of script, phrasing and vocal delivery in a screencast. No matter how good the software is, it can’t hide a bad performance; take it from a musician.

A Response to It's Complicated: Teens Who Want Privacy

The text, "It's Complicated," talks about teens who seek privacy in the public age. Social media has blasted information of teens all over the web; it's no wonder child predator numbers has sky rocketed. Still, with their information swimming in a pool of accessibility, teens still complain about having their own privacy on the web.

Is this even possible? Yes, social media accounts have a "private," option in which only people who follow you can see your posts, and the admin can deny or accept people requesting to follow them. However, I often notice that teens don't really keep track of who's requesting to follow them. Instead, they tend to accept everyone for reason: they want more followers for social acceptance.

This sad truth is what usually leads to people being hunted on the internet; especially young women. Social media has turned into a worldwide popularity contest. Teens judge each other on how many followers or likes they get and even pay for such things. Their insecurities on the web has lead to dangers and risk behaviors. So, to answer the question: no, there is no privacy on social media. Furthermore, companies like facebook, twitter and google have workers constantly keeping track of your frequent sites, likes and followers and pay off companies to send ads your way. Teens don't really think their social media browsing doesn't get monitored, did they?

Creating A PLN- Response to Shelly Terrell

Shelly Terrell's article on students creating their own personal learning network was full of ideas I completely agree with. To start, students should be applauded for their creativity, not condemned to all do one assignment. Furthermore, having students broadcast themselves with any form of blogging pr posting is a positive aspect. They can release any of their ideas to the public and will indirectly learn how to form opinions and how to write academically. The best part is by doing this, students can study and form opinions on anything they want. They wont be subjected to a certain prompt like on an essay or research projects.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Looking Back to See Ahead Reading Review

Donna E. Alvermann's writing on identifying a reader was very well-written. In my opinion, schools label children based on their reading skills all too quickly.

For me personally, I was labeled a quick reader; my love for reading contributed to that. I went through a book a week in my grade school years, but I only read epic fantasy books. The second I was supposed to read a book with a group during class, I got lazy and fell behind. I often notice the same issue with children I take care of.

Reading is meant to be a joyous activity for children. It's a chance to escape reality and follow the journeys of make believe friends for a temporary time. No matter the child, if they feel engraved in the story they will feel compelled to read. As soon as a teacher forces his/her students to read something they may not be interested, the results will be drastically less productive. I understand there are stories that students are required to read, but in any situation a student can read whatever book they want for a grade, take advantage of it. The result will be astounding. Reading will re-takeover as a popular hobby and writing will once again flourish. None of this can happen with the labeling of children as readers.

How do we understand the internet if it constantly changes?- Module 3 Reading

The reading on new literacies frm the UConn PDF brought up an interesting concept I hadn't once thought of. How do we, as educators and users, understand the internet if it constantly changing? We live in a generation of constant innovation and fixation; specifically in the areas of technologies. The monopolies between powerful corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Verizon At and t and others battle one another to put out the best product or service.

In words from the text, "the internet is this generation's defining technology for literary and learning within our global community," educators must be able to follow the path of innovation and be inept with technology for the benefit of their students. The internet has given us the ability to connect us with anyone around the world at any given moment. For example, if an American fourth grade teacher wanted to teach his/her students about Japanese culture, he/she can video stream with a class from Japan and find someway to communicate with one another. As a result, these students will be culturally inept and tolerant; something previous generations weren't as a result of the lack of exposure to other cultures.

The internet has also enhanced reading comprehension and research. Like the global connection students now have, they also have a limitless ability to obtain information with various search engines. Personally, I believe educators should teach our students early the risks of wrong information put out on the internet. We need to teach them early how to access their respective libraries' databases as opposed to using google. Yes, we know that googling something is easier, but it may not always be the most accurate option; especially for any assignment that requires a plethora of research.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Twitter Chat: Giants vs Cowboys

Giants vs Cowboys

As a lifelong Giants fan, I have often took to twitter with my analysis of the team during games and have given my input all over social media. Well, my opinions must caught on somewhere down the line see as Giants 360, a Giants new source, followed me last season. Now, during the season I notice the account does live talks during the games for fans. The admin. tweets play by play and users comment their ideas on it in the reply sections. 

This particular tweet was chosen because it symbolizes the type of game played Sunday. With a much less than impressive offense, the Giants' defense was able to completely hold the lethal rookie duo of the Cowboys. All the Giants needed was one big play from Odell Beckham Jr.: A 61 yard touchdown in the late third quarter. 

I feel very connected to the team when I speak digitally to the admin. Usually, I feel like an unimportant sports fan when no responds or reacts to my Giants related tweets, but I feel like a part of the media when I interact with this account. In fact, this one Twitter account is responsible for many people's sports journalism starting points. The admin once direct messaged me with an opportunity to write for his newsletter; along with many other of his followers. Although it is just a sports account, they help bring a community from all around there world together electronically. 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Dating in the Millenial Age

Relationships. They've never been easy and quite frankly they never will be. But with the rise in social media and technology, dating has been coming overwhelmingly complicated for millenials and someone's loyalty is put to the test everyday.

Most of our attention spans are devoted to the internet; an entirely different world than the physical world. With the click of a button, almost any person is available to us at any second. Instant gratification has caused male and female curiosity to rise and ask the age old relationship question: is there someone better? Well, if one's curiosity gets the best of them, they can find out quite easily. In fact, a strong portion of relationships are started via social media and ended the same way. A cyber wall blocks trust between us and can form an inaccurate truth about people. Often times a person will post countless pictures to show how happy she/he is with their significant other; when in reality they're miserable. But that can also be an issue of insecurity.

Jenna Merkle's article explains vividly the issues of dating today.

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No Tom: No Blink

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Without founding guitarist and singer Tom Delonge, Blink-182's new album California was just mainstream commercial noise. Although replacement Matt Skiba is a talented and respectable musician, he doesn't have the same whiny nasally charm Tom brought to Blink.

Delonge was kicked out for not committing to the band full time and has been labeled, "crazy" in the media for his urges that he has been abducted by aliens and promising countless records to come out in the coming years.

The thing is: he was not wrong with any of those. He has built a multimedia empire with his company to the stars, wrote 3 books, studied area 51 and worked with NASA and secret government officials for an alien topic set to release 5 books, two tv series, a netflix documentary, and has worked with Stephen Speilberg on a motion picture. Oh, that's right, he has also released 4 EP's and an album since the start of 2015. Yeah, and Mark and Travis were mad he couldn't commit to blink.

What is Anarchy?

During the election season, I tend to be scorned for my true political views: anarchist. Everyone, take all you know about anarchy and throw it away. Anarchism really believes in the natural and common decency in human beings. Not in total chaos and disaster.
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Isn't there an issue when an animated character makes more sense than most people in the world?

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This is anarchy, this is what I believe in. Governments are out to get us, hiding what we need to know and lying to spark debate among us. Am I crazy yet?

Sunday Night is the Giants' SuperBowl

The Giants can't slip now; they've won 6 or their last 7 games and still hold the fifth seed in the NFC playoff race. They're coming off an undeniably ugly performance last Sunday against the Steelers that didn't inspire much confidence in anybody surrounding the team. Another abysmal loss for the Giants could send them into a spiral they may not be able to come out of. The Cowboys are coming in Sunday for a prime time rematch seeking revenge of their only loss on the season. They've won 11 straight and looked mostly impressive doing so and are no where near the same team the Giants beat in early September. Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has emerged as more than a rookie of the year candidate; possibly a MVP candidate. Sensational rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott has proved why Jerry Jones and company took him so high in the draft and has rushed for 1,285 yards this season. The Cowboys feature the best offensive line in football that can take over the game in the second half and tire defensive fronts out. Wide receiver Dez Bryant has started to find his chemistry with Prescott and has finally made lethal pair with Cole Beasley on the outside. Moral of the story: the Cowboys have weapons and are a tough match up for any team in the NFL.

The Buttercup Generation

As someone who works in childcare and as a summer camp counselor, I am fearful for the generation after mine. Most children have become to reliant on their technology that they expect instant gratification in every aspect of their lives. The sad truth children: that's not how the world works. The world dos not revolve around you and everything you desire. There are times life wont be fair to you and sometimes it'll be downright cruel towards you; but that builds character. Children, learning from your failures and accepting you are not the only living thing in the world will make you a better adult and better parent to your own children. I know, your entitled personalities are a result of your parent's telling you that you're cute all the time and never telling you no. But as  your YMCA counselor who wants to have fun in an organized way, you talking back telling me that you dont' care what I say or blatantly ignoring what I need to say is not how a person behaves.

To the kid who told me he hates the YMCA: that' not my problem. It's not my problem you cannot see that when I let you hang around with your best friend you two bully other kids into tears and scar them for life. Once again, that's your parent's faults. When your mom came to pick you up last week and you ran up to the stage in the cafe and hit all the instruments that do not belong to you and she just stared at you: that is the problem. You're 11, shouldn't you know not to touch things that don't belong to you? Especially if you don't even play an instrument. Have fun when you hit high school, man. I tried my hardest to make sure you would be a positive member of the Southington youth, but your parents have more say than I do.

American Dad> Family Guy

Family Guy is comedian and writer Seth Mcfarlane's most famous show, but from a writing standpoint, his sequel show American Dad is much better. American Dad was crated in 2005 as a response to South Park for mocking that Family Guy couldn't handle situational comedy and relied too much on their cutaways and flashbacks for humor. American Dad presents a super conservative dad, who is easy for Mcfarlane to joke about seeing as he is super liberal, a housewife, a nerdy son, liberal daughter, a fish who can talk and an alien that presents a new character to fit into Earth life every episode. Roger, the alien, for one is a reason Dad outshines guy. He transforms personas every episode into something more ridiculous than the last, but still has his selfish egotistic manner rooted deep into all of characters.

American Dad has the ability to mix and mash any of its core characters and still have the ability to have a fun episode; something Family Guy fails to do. Family Guy relies too heavily on their Stewie and Brian adventures, Chris and Meg stories, Peter and Louis or Peter and his buddies all of which have become too bland after 17 years on the air. The dynamics between those sets of characters have run dry making their stories less enjoyable to follow through. In comparison, American Dad's main cast can all be intertwined and have a fun story still. Alpha Male Dad Stan works well with his hesitant son Steve, who just wants to be accepted by his father, but also chase girls and capture his manhood. Stan can be mixed with his daughter Haley, the hippie liberal whose beliefs mash heads against her alleged fascist father's. Stan and his wife Francine have a strong marriage that relies heavily on her desire to be loved and Stan's selfishness that often masks his strong love for her. Finally, Stan and Roger the alien have a strange yet intriguing relationship that often leads them into conflict You can mix any of these characters and can still expect a strong episode.

The Most Hateful Time of Year

This past October, I was at Wal-Mart with my dad doing some routine grocery shopping, nothing out of the ordinary, right? We passed the usual Halloween decorations, some candy sales, everything one would expect. I looked to my right into the hardware section and noticed a monster. He towered over the entire store, mocking all the customers with the idea of giving and joy for all the world. Greedy bastard. Yes, it's what you think: A giant inflatable Santa was for sale in the middle of October. Why has Christmas become a marketing season of commercialization? In the last decade or so, holiday shopping brings the worst out in people; fighting for the last toy on the shelf, cutting Thanksgiving short to go to the mall, it's all to feed into America's big businesses. This time of giving has turned into a time of stress. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cruz Under Control

           Victor Cruz's long awaited return to the New York Giant's offense in 2016 has featured an entirely new Cruz the team hasn't seen before. Coming from a potentially career threatening knee injury in 2014, to a mysterious calf injury that sidelined him in 2015, no one around the franchise knew what to think of him this season. There was even speculation that he was on the verge of getting cut during training camp. After a torn patella tendon, athletes tend to come back as a shell of their former selves, and for a player like Cruz who relies on quick cuts and stops as a slot receiver there was an atmosphere of uncertainty for his career. 
            He labeled his comeback season as, "The Return," on his social media pages and by looking deep into the numbers his return has been indeed successful so far. Although his numbers aren't too impressive on the surface (just 27 receptions for 462 yards and a touchdown) he has had an ability to make clutch plays for the Giants all season. It started week one in Dallas, at the goal line Manning found Cruz in the endzone for the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter that gave the Giants the lead. Again the next week in the home opener against New Orleans, Manning found Cruz on third and 8 down the sideline for a 35 yard catch that set up the game winning field goal for big blue. In week 3, the Giants offense needed a 2 minute drive to secure a win against divisional foe Washington and Manning found Cruz over the middle on third and fourteen for a crucial first down. Granted, the drive ended with an interception intended for Will Tye, but it was Cruz who put the Giants closer towards midfield and closer to field goal range. Week 9 against the Eagles, Manning found Cruz down the right sideline once again that setup the Giants inside the 5 yard line that led to an Odell Beckham Jr. touchdown. Again in week 11 against Chicago, Manning scrambled and hit Cruz for a huge gain that helped kick start a huge third quarter for the Giants that gave them a lead they would never surrender. 
               Early in Cruz's career, he was used in the slot and was considered a, "slippery" receiver due to his ability to cut and make plays after the catch. With the addition of second round pick Sterling Shephard this season, Cruz has been placed on the outside and is running more vertical routes than ever before. This can be to limit the stress on his surgically repaired knee with less stop and go routes and quick slants and outs. The lack of height the Giants have at receiver also plays contributes as well. The Giants three main receivers, Beckham, Cruz and Shephard, Cruz is the only one over six feet. Now, the Giants have Roger Lewis who has been getting more playing time since his performance in week 9 versus the  Eagles but his production has slipped since then. Anyway, who would you rather trust in a big play for the Giants, pro-bowler, super-bowl champion Victor Cruz or undrafted rookie Roger Lewis Jr.?  

Monday, November 7, 2016

Construction vs Creation- A response to Bryne

Yes, in the world of technology and implementing it in the work force, construction is more favorable than creation. Construction, is making something off of a blue-print or a set of instruction so to peak, while creation is making something out of nothing.

As a musician, writer it's easy to speak out for creation but honestly hard to defend it. I would love to say that I sit home with my guitar or pencil and all my usable ideas are absolutely authentic. But the deep truth is that they are not.  In some shape or fashion, all original ideas are rare to come by and at some level there is inspiration behind everything. Not inspiration like, "wow I had a rough day at work I am inspired to write a song by it!" Inspiration in the sense that every artistic idea is sprung from one before it. The music industry as a whole speaks to this, it's a copycat business. Each guitar riff i come up with, has some inspiration from another artist. The same goes with my story telling as well. Albeit they're creative hobbies, but they still fall under the category of construction simply because they are not 100 percent original ideas.

Our moral of the story here: Bryne take this article one step further because construction is all around us. Creation is marvelously hard to come by.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

We need more "Avatar"

Back in 2005, Nickeldeon jumped on board with writers Mike Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko who created the now beloved animated series "Avatar:  The Last Airbender," and successor, "The Legend of Korra." Their universe takes place in a world where certain people have the ability to bend one of the four elements, air, water, fire or earth. The four nations are based around these elements as well. One person, the avatar, has the ability to bend all four elements and is his/her duty to keep balance in the world. Last Airbender, is centered around Aang and Zuko who have a parallel journey starting as enemies and end up defeating the firelord, Zuko's father, together. Korra shows the Avatar world 70 years later with more recent technology and even more frightening foes.  Now, my question is this: why not move onto a new avatar? Once an avatar, the cycle goes to the next born baby. The way this universe is set up has potential ability for constant new series, characters and avatars. I would personally love to see what Republic City looks like years after Korra's death, and learn about what good she brought to the world after her series ended. After all, she was only 21 by the end of book 4. I understand the writers dont want to relish on the past and want to make something entirely new, but the potential behind this universe is incredible. The avatar world, if properly expanded, can be as monstrous as Harry Potter, or perhaps a less-mature version of Middle Earth.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Working In/At Public- Social Media done wrong

Like any innovation in the world, social media has its benefits to society, while it also has its cons as well. Its main idea is to bring people together, and it works almost flawlessly in a classroom. Students can interact online with one another, along with obtaining information at ease. However, a person's social media identity can be vastly different than a physical one. In some cases, an error on social media can result in a permanent change in the way people look at one another. In Robin Derosa's article, "Working In/At Public," he describes how a professor's tweet was one step too far and caused an internet frenzy. Now in my preconceived opinion, I believe social media is taken too seriously anyway and websites like twitter and facebook should not be used for important issues like public schooling and politics. I think there should be some sort of second tier of media online dedicated to those causes. For one, the rise of social media has also caused a rise in "social justice" warriors who are like the sensitive police. Any opinion they do not agree with, or any statement that is somehow demeaning towards others is taken radically and attacked for being bigoted. This professor was scolded for her remarks when she was simply stating an opinion. Twitter is a public space, not one of those over sensitive safe spaces that make me want to vomit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Roast of America: The 2016 Presidential Election

Millions of Americans tuned in for the first presidential debate of 2016, and in the words of South Park, it is between, "a douche and a turd sandwich." Honestly, that is the most accurate description of the election this year. I cannot fathom that among all of the qualified, intelligent people in Washington, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are the options to become our next president. I am still convinced that Trump's entire campaign is a big practical joke and Ashton Kutcher is going to pop out and screamed, "American you just got Punked!" at any moment. In such a sensitive, progressive time how can our nation allow a bigoted, pretentious spoiled brat be in position to possibly lead our nation? He has no real plan, he just constantly states how much better things are going to be. Make America Great Again! (Read in super southerner hick accent please). But, realistically, when was America great in the first place? Our "glory" days could arguably be the 1950s, economy was booming, no physical war threats, outside the fear of war with Russia. But all of that prosperity is back washed with one thing: racism. Nice going Trump. Yeah! Make America  Racist Again! And for Hilary, you're no better. I am all for diversity in office, a woman president can transcend our country. But what am I not in favor of? War criminals leading our nation. I am convinced she is a sociopath. (Not a psychopath because she is clearly aware of the things she is doing.) Sensitive America has turned into radical America. There is no moderation among ideas. No consideration that both parties have beneficial ideas for our country and ideals that may not. I think I might escape to a small little European country after this election.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Respecting your Teen-Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of, 'It's Complicated," opened with the ongoing battle between teens and their parents. From my experience, the "troubled" teens in my school were often the kids with helicopter parents hovering over their every move. More times than not, the least likely candidate to engage in risk behaviors were usually the ones engaging in them. With the rise of social media, teens now have more ways to access risk behaviors and chat "privately" with friends. I quote privately because parents now constantly watch over their social media profiles. Parents need to find a balance and respect for their teen, they are asked to live as adults but are treated as children. Take time and develop a sense of trust with them and establish what is right and what is wrong. Constantly monitoring and hovering over them will push them away and it's okay if they do something risky, that's how we learn.

A Giant Meltdown

Before I get started, I want to point out that the New York Giants are 2-1, and other than this next strip of games coming up, they have a relatively easy schedule in 2016. Fans already condemning general manager Jerry Reese, and making rookie head coach Ben Macadoo the poster boy for all every problem. It's week three; it is way too early for that, however there are several areas of concern for the Giants that are starting to become trends. When Macadoo was introduced as head coach in March, he stated he wanted to play, "Sound, disciplined football," where was that Sunday? A team tat had committed just 7 penalties in the first two weekds committed 11 of them over 100 yards, including one of the most mindless fouls I have ever seen in a football game negating a blocked punt that would have ideally set up a go ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter. Moreover, Macadoo was praised for his work with quarterback Eli Manning, cutting his interceptions and increasing his touchdown totals in his two years in Macadoo's offense. Manning's numbers so far: 4 touchdowns to 3 interceptions including 3 fumbles (1 lost). "Holding onto the duke," must be a hyperbole seeing as the team has lost 5 fumbles in just three games. This is a talented roster, with one of the most dynamic receiving corps in the NFL, but this is a crucial stretch of games where we will find out who Macadoo and these New York  Giants truly are.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Off the Streets &Into the Classrooms

The opening passage in, "It' Complicated," talked about a teen who allegedly lied about having gang affiliations in his college admission essay. The college admission staff looked up the applicants Myspace page and saw gang signs and other gang related posts. Our author, continued the passage by saying that he believed the applicant did not lie and had these gang related posts to fit in socially. The world of social media is its own planet in this generation and although some teens are cautious of having a private profile and a separate professional profile; some obviously are not. I agree wholeheartedly with our that the applicant was posting these as a type of protection. It is plausible to assume that the teen was refraining from being a target in his high school and like the author says, and I paraphrase, posting information about attending a prestigious institution is out of the social norm in his community and would likely be looked down upon. Was this the correct way to self-network himself? Absolutely not, but it was the only lifestyle the tee\n knew and based off my social media experiences, a person's profile has little link to one's personality and character. Connecting this to my life, I help hire staff members with my boss at my child care at the YMCA and some of our applicants have extremely professional profiles, but in person they are extremely not-personable. On the contrary, we have had applicants who have had questionable social media pages, but seemed to be more qualified for the job once an in person interview was conducted. I know, there is only one opportunity to make a first impression, and in this age most first impressions are done online, but in person interviews are a much better way to see if someone is qualified or worthy of a job, college or school.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Supporting your "Scene"

Being a part of Connecticut's "pop-punk" scene for almost three years now, I have come across great people, great friends and even better musicians. A few bands set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd, drawing more people into the tiny venues we play at; but I still sadly don't see them getting much further than that. The support for young local bands was always a tough, but it is now as minimal as ever. Even the biggest bands in our genre like, "The Wonder Years," struggle to make enough money to mix and master their records the way they want them to. Yes, the emergence of Spotify and other various streaming networks help deteriorate a band's income from releasing a record or single, but it shouldn't be damaged to the point where the band struggles to record a new release. The sad fact of the matter is that a portion of this generation is not interested in finding bands, discovering local unheard music. They are more interested in electronic music; which I have no room to judge, we are allowed to support any art form we want to, but it's sad seeing a genre nearly die out. Even in my experience with my bands, we struggled to gain a crowd outside other bands and people closely involved in our scene. Being in a band is strung out and almost mocked among other people. So, please take time out and try to support bands in your town, school and community and help get talented musicians recognized the way they deserve to be.